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About SkinScript

SkinScript is the latest in skin care thinking. They were founded in 2007, in Tempe, AZ. Lisa VanBrockern, the owner and founder of SkinScript, is an esthetician with a primary focus on medical esthetics.

Tow physicians and 5 estheticians developed their chirally correct products, which means the molecules in their products have been modified to match the skin’s molecules, for better penetration and less irritation, and they are formulated for all ethnicities. The incorporate glycolics, lactics, retinols, and salicylics in their products for customizable skincare both professionally and at home.

I have been using this professional line the longest in my business. I love how their enzymes are all fruit based. The homecare products are simple but effective, and there is something for everyone. None of the professional products I have brought in have been tested on animals nor have any ingredients derived from animals.

If you are pregnant or nursing, please use only the following products: Pomegranate, Green Tea or Charcoal Cleanser, Cucumber Toner, Serums, Moisturizers, SPF, Raspberry Refining Scrub, Beta-Carotene Serum for your homecare. There are products that are Vegan, some contain nuts and soy, and some products are gluten-free. Please ask me if you have any specialized needs for your skincare.

All of the professional skincare lines I use can be used together. It’s ok to love a cleanser from Circadia, a serum from HydroPeptide and a moisturizer from SkinScript for example. This is why have have brought in 3 lines. There is something from all 3 that make them different but compliment each other at the sametime.

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The HydroPeptide Difference by Erin Larson

A Note from their director of education

As an aesthetician, my clients trust me to care for their skin and their specific skin concerns. When my clients use HydroPeptide to take control of their skin’s genetic destiny and start to see the results they want – gorgeous skin that looks and acts youthful- it’s rewarding, for them and for me.

Maybe you’re already a HydroPeptide fan or maybe you’re just discovering the products. Either way, I’d like to share some of the reasons I love HydroPeptide and what aestheticians and clients around the globe love about it.

Geneticist Developed- Working directly with Dr Neal to help formulate HydroPeptide’s revolutionary products, I see first-hand the difference it makes having a doctor on staff serving as lead formulator. With access to the top minds in skin science and patented technologies, HydroPeptide will continue to revolutionize anti-aging skincare and continue to bring it to your treatment room.

Clinical Results- By synergistically incorporating unique combinations of peptides, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and botanical nutrients, HydroPeptide is able to offer immediate results with no downtime. These immediate results inspire clients to commit to a home-care regimen and when they combine a series of professional treatments with a personally prescribed home-care regimen, they achieve their best skin ever.

Luxury Experiences- When a client loves using a product they are more likely to continue using it. Doctors call this “compliance” and it’s crucial to helping clients achieve the results they’re looking for. Whether it’s the elegant texture, the revitalizing sensorial experience, or simply the beauty of the bottle sitting like an accessory on a bathroom counter, we strive to make using HydroPeptide the best part of anyone’s day. A luxury experiences makes all the difference when choosing which products we bring into our lives and HydroPeptide strives to infuse luxury into every product we create.

-Erin Larson, Director of Education & Licensed Aesthetician

I thought I would use the same description that inspired me to try these products. I have not tried them all yet, but for those of you that are using the lip gloss, tinted moisturizer and eye cream, these have been my best sellers for the past year. HydroPeptide is working with me to help me to continue to get products into your hands while providing a much needed income. Always use the Promo Code: JENKA20 at checkout to not only receive your 20% off and free shipping but it’s the only way I get credit for your order.


Will I be back? Yes

I do hope that brings reassurance for you because that means that life will hopefully be back soon to a new normal. What that will be is still yet to be seen, but I have faith and a peace that life will keep moving for now. This blog will be more personal than work related, but isn’t that what blogging is? A little work, a little personal mixed with dashes of humor. I am starting to feel the feeling of time slowing down and the boredom due to staying home, and not knowing when I can infuse my presence back into this world.

I still feel like I have had tougher times in the past though because when life went wrong I was alone. Now life is uncertain, but I am not alone. Think about that. Whatever you are facing so is someone else all over the world. I am not sure how I will pay my bills next month however the majority have already been deferred for a few months. Others I will find I can just live without. I believe in Jesus Christ with every once of my being. I have only become who I am because several times in my life He carried me. I see this as no different. This weird crisis is a surprise for us, and we don’t know what tomorrow is going to be but Jesus was not surprised.

The biggest challenge I am finding right now because I have no plans is to not drink wine all day and binge watch the Hallmark Channel. Hahahahaha! Usually, when I have a day that I can just sit around the home, that is what I love to do. I am learning a new routine and one that I think could have a positive change in my “regular” routine that can improve my overall health and wellness. Although, exercise is still just a thought and an intention, I will get myself to break through whatever it is that is mentally keeping me from just doing it! I did start practicing the piano today again. That was nice.

I am very thankful for a house full of animals though during this time. They are my constant entertainment. Since we have time, one of our adoptable kitties who has been living upstairs in my son’s room, is moving into my room now. Believe it or not, she is now too friendly and playful for him. Zack prefers a cat to be anti-social and fiesty. There truely is a cat for everyone. LOL My baby Pepper is not finding this very acceptable. She is not liking any of the new cats who have had to join us this year. Scooby is the opposite. He loves his job of herding the cats, and takes his job very seriously. And the new additions have just made him extremely happy.

I am available to any questions or help with your skin care orders. What a better time than to try some of the wonderful, professional products I have chosen to bring into my business. You don’t even have to leave your house! My website is set up to take your order through PayPal however like always, you can always text me with your order, and I will send you an invoice for payment. All my companies are set up to deliver to your door.

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What to do with my time……

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Yes, I can do my nails! As a professional Massage Therapist and Esthetician this is a big deal. Mainly due to sanitary purposes, normally I keep my nails short and clean. So this is a happy bonus for me. I am not going to write anything that is moaning or groaning about what is going on because for now I am enjoying my forced vacation. Do I have concerns about if I have to stay closed for weeks? Of course, but today is what is important and today I am happy. There is so much I have been putting to the side that I have time to do now, I am actually very excited. Writing a blog is one of those things. What I will have to make sure I dont do is too many facials on myself. However, can I really do too many facials? Well, if I did daily then yes, but using the right products I can safely do a couple a week. What I wish I could give myself though is a massage. Like you I am sure, I am really missing my own massage. Luckily my husband is pretty good and I am loving my muscle creams right now. ****If anyone is in need of BioFreeze by the way, I just got in my retail supply of a roll-on, spray and gel. This can be available to pick-up curbside.

Today’s facial will be the Staycation at-home facial with Circadia. I will be using the Lipid cleanser, Caviar & Passionfruit enzyme followed with the Marshmellow Whip Mask. This facial is great for firming and hydrating plus is gentle enough to do once a week! You need to get your FREE Staycation facial. I would love to see pictures of your skin before and after the facial. Please post these on my Facebook business page. I want to stay engaged in the health of your skin. Remember 80% of the health of your skin is what you use at home. Professional products are the best. These products have the highest amount of active ingredients. A lot of the products you can pick up anywhere are very harsh on your skin. If your skin feels tight, dry or always oily, you most likely have a compromised skin barrier. Your skin is fighting back and telling you that you are not feeding it like it needs.

In wrapping up for now, stay home as much as possible. We need to do our part in stopping the chain events of this virus. Stay strong and active. You are not alone. We are all in this together.

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Meet Circadia….

Circadia is a professional skincare brand based on the skin and body’s natural circadian rhythms. Chronobiology, the science of defending skin from environmental damage during the day, and stimulating internal repair mechanisms during sleep is at the core of their concept.

Circadia’s formulations combine pure botanicals, stem cells, second generation vitamins, and innovative peptide technology to achieve optimal skin health and beauty. Their specialty treatment products utilize these technologies to address a multitude of skin conditions, including aging, acne, dehydration, pigmentation, and rosacea.

Since the skin is exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, as well as bacteria and viruses, one of the main functions of the skin is to protect the individual from these potential dangers.  When the biological clock is working well, stem cells, which are constantly replacing damaged tissue, can divide at a time which would allow minimum exposure to damaging ultraviolet light.

If you have had the pleasure of experiencing my Oxygen Facial or the Smores Facial, then you know first hand how amazing these products are. You need to take advantage of experiencing a facial from Circadia for yourself with their Staycation at-home facial offer. You will pamper your skin with the Caviar Lime & Passionfruit Facial. This gentle rejuvenating treatment utilizes second generation AHA technology, antioxidants and hydrating botanicals. This luxury facial will leave the skin instantly hydrated with a flawless finish. Did I mention its FREE with any $40+ order online through my website!

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New Chapter in my life

Well as this world has changed the course of my life and so many others in a blink of an eye, I find myself turning to the internet to share my skills until I can once again share them in person. What are my skills? Well I know my strengths are hands-on in my treatment room with massage, facials and waxing. I guess now I will discover if I can find my strength in writing and teaching you what I know about muscles and skin from this wonder of the internet. So who am I and what’s my qualifications? I have been a massage therapist since 2009 and an Esthetician since 2015. Over the years I have taken additional training in Reflexology, Advance Skin Histology, worked with Chiropractors, chains, large spa’s and for the past 7 years I have had my own business. I love what I do. Taking care of your body and skin does not have to be complicated. Its easy to end up buying all sorts of tools, skincare and specialty serums because of what you want to look like and because companies have some really good marketing ads out there. I do have some professional lines I have chosen to work with and use over the years but it doesn’t mean they are the only good ones out there. But I will not be endorsing any mlm companies or over-the-counter products. As a professional I can vouch firsthand, that high quality is what truly works to make changes to your skin. As the days move forward, I will expand in more details what my products do and how they will benefit you.

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